Flights And Trains Delayed Due To Dense Fog In Delhi

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People experienced significant disruptions today as they woke up enveloped in dense fog in Delhi, resulting in numerous delays in flights and trains. The cold wave gripping the region only intensified the situation, causing a ripple effect on the daily routines of thousands of commuters.

The dense fog in Delhi severely reduced visibility across various parts of the city. This sudden drop in visibility primarily affected early morning traffic, leading to a slower pace on the roads and considerable delays in public transportation. The Press Trust of India reported that the foggy conditions forced the cancellation and delay of several trains, impacting the schedules of many commuters.

In response to the challenging weather conditions, Delhi Airport issued an advisory to passengers. The airport authorities noted that while landings and takeoffs were proceeding, flights not meeting CAT III (Category III) standards could face disruptions. Passengers were advised to stay in contact with their airlines for the latest information regarding their flights, particularly regarding CAT III compliance.

The advisory highlighted, “While landing and takeoffs continue at Delhi airport, flights that are not CAT III compliant may get affected. Any inconvenience caused is deeply regretted.” This statement underscores the challenges flights face that lack the necessary technology to operate in low-visibility conditions.

dense fog in Delhi

CAT III-compliant aircraft are specifically equipped with advanced instruments and technologies that enable them to operate safely even in reduced visibility, like that caused by dense fog. Non-compliant flights, however, may be subject to delays or cancellations to ensure crew safety.

An orange alert was issued by the Meteorological Department across Delhi at 8 am, as visibility in several areas remained around 50 meters. The IMD uses a colour-coded system for its alerts, with ‘yellow’ indicating awareness, ‘orange’ signifying preparedness, and ‘red’ demanding vigilant action.

Moreover, a weather warning extends to several northern regions, including Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, and Delhi. The regional meteorological centre forecasts dense fog in many places over these areas, with similar conditions expected in parts of Uttar Pradesh, isolated regions of Rajasthan, and a few places in Uttarakhand.

On Tuesday, the dense fog had already begun affecting visibility in various areas, leading to delays in several flights at the Delhi airport due to low visibility. The visibility recorded at Delhi’s main weather station in Safdarjung at 5:30 am was 200 meters. The Palam station was down to 100 meters, highlighting the severity of the foggy conditions.

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