With ESG becoming mainstream, ESG ratings are being widely talked about across various industries and sectors.
Companies want to know their rating and assess their performance but often lack the understanding of how the
rating is derived and how the results should be interpreted. Without understanding the rating methodology, it can be
difficult for companies to understand whether a high/low score in a certain area indicates good or bad performance.
Sigma Earths’ Corporate ESG Training is designed to educate company representatives about the how and why of
ESG Risk Rating in context of the company’s industry and sub-industry and to thoroughly prepare the company for
going through the rating process. The training is conducted by experienced Corporate Solutions team members over
three 1-hour face-to-face sessions.

Sigma Earth Corporate ESG Training contains three modules covering the following topics:

Module 1: Introduction to ESG and ESG Risk Rating

  • Introduction to ESG
  • Introduction to ESG Risk Rating

Module 2: ESG Risk Rating Methodology & Industry Trends

  • Risk Rating Methodology Overview
  • Industry Overview
  • Industry Score Trends

Module 3: Research Process Overview and Case Study

  • Research Process Overview
  • ESG Risk Rating Case Study
  • Feedback Reports and other deliverables

Benefits of Sigma Earths’ Corporate ESG Training:

Train your sustainability, investor relations and other departments on what the ESG ecosystem means for your organization.

Develop a deeper understanding of the ESG issues that are material to your company and effectively map the organization’s activities to the different streams of risk identified in the rating assessment.

Gain insight into how the industry is performing on material topics, what the historical trends have been like, and have a benchmark in mind when analyzing the company’s ESG performance.

Drive internal alignment and translate learnings into actions that will form the foundation of your ESG roadmap.

Gain a thorough understanding of the ESG Risk Rating methodology, rationales, and prepare your stakeholders well for the rating update process.

Opportunity to interact directly with the Corporate Solutions team conducting the training and raise queries during the sessions.

Receive relevant reference material that can continue to be utilized after the training.

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