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Electricity is something that we all rely on to render our lives easier. Whether we use electricity for our houses or companies, power has become a need of contemporary life, so it’s critical to have all the data when deciding which energy supplier is best for your personal needs. If you live in portions of North America, particularly Texas, an energy business named Direct Energy may be among your options for power.

What Is Direct Energy?

Direct Energy is a renowned electricity and natural gas company that obtains Renewable Energy Credits for clients that elect to go green. It provides a variety of plans that differ depending on the region. This company, as a division of Direct Energy Marketing Limited, is a subsidiary of NRG Energy Inc., a US-based energy services corporation. It was established in Texas and became a full subsidiary of Centrica PLC in 2000.

Direct Energy also operates in Canada and a few US states, including New York, Pennsylvania, California, Connecticut, Illinois, Maine, and Rhode Island. Although the organization has numerous operational sites, it mainly conducts business in North America. Direct Energy purchases energy generated in the United States via fossil fuels, biogas, natural gas, or nuclear power plants. It supplies electricity to households and offers market-based subscription options, including renting, maintaining, and repairing electrical appliances.

What Are The Points To Remember While Buying A Direct Energy Plan?

The optimal direct energy plan for you is determined by your way of life or the total number of people in your family. There are four major elements to consider when buying power with any provider:

Elements List Graph

1. Rates

Electricity usage is recorded in kilowatt-hours, whereas natural gas usage is measured in THERMs, MCFs, or CCFs. Understanding how to evaluate these metrics while contrasting them to the rates available will assist you in selecting the cheapest and most cost-effective plan.

2. Benefits

Some plans include renewable energy choices, innovative home items, and weekend promotions. Consider your family’s demands and make decisions that best suit your way of life.

3. Total Costs

Keep an eye out for hidden fees. While some plans may have cheaper rates, the overall cost may be higher. The power of electricity, petroleum products, and the service fees of supplying those utilities to your home are all part of your total energy costs.

4. Term Length

Can you devote yourself to a long-term agreement, or will a shorter term work better for you? Consider the terms of your lease and the possibility of relocating to a different city or state.

What Types Of Energy Plans Does Direct Energy Provide?

Direct Energy provides three different energy plans:

  • Live Brighter 12: Live Brighter 12 is the company’s most basic option, featuring a 12-month fixed-rate energy plan.
  • Live Brighter 36: Customers who choose this plan will lock in a fixed rate for 36 months rather than 12 months. This is ideal for people who can commit longer for a lesser fee.
  • Twelve-Hour Power 12: This plan provides free electricity between 9 p.m. and 9 a.m. However, the daytime charges are higher than the other two options.

Direct Energy also offers a prepayment option called Power-To-Go, which allows you to pay as you go rather than being locked into a contract.

What Are The Different Ways To Pay For Direct Energy?

Whether a Direct Energy corporate or residential customer, you have several alternatives for your monthly payments to the organization. Let’s get started:

By Email

Many clients prefer to pay their bills in paper form. Monthly direct bills for energy will be emailed to these consumers, and they can send a check back to pay this bill.

Via Phone

Clients are welcome to contact the organization’s customer service staff if they prefer to speak with someone throughout the bill payment process. Anyone can make a debit or credit card payment over the phone by chatting with an account manager.


Another possible way is by making an online payment at the Organisation’s website. Anyone can sign in to your internet-based account and examine your current bill by visiting the site. You can also manage your payments and pay your invoice by linking a credit card, debit card, or bank account to your online account.

One-Time Payment

One-time payments are the default option for repaying your bills monthly. One-time payments imply that you must pay Direct Energy monthly to stay current on your amount.


If you’d rather automate your bill payment, you can join the Direct Energy AutoPay program. You will attach a credit card, debit card, or bank account to your Direct Energy accounts via this program. Then, each month, the company will add the amount owing on your statement to the payment method you’ve specified.

How Can One Cancel Direct Energy Membership?

You should be aware of two ways to cancel Direct Energy. First, log into your online account and enter your credentials, such as your username, password, and other relevant information. So, by entering your login information, you can ask the provider to discontinue your membership.

How Does One Cancel Direct Energy Online?

It’s simple, follow the below-mentioned steps:

Method 1

Step 1: Log into your Direct Energy account manager to do so. This is the same account you used to place an order.

Step 2: Navigate to the Account Management option in the top-right corner of the site to access your energy plan and account information.

Step 3: Drop down until you select the Cancel Service tab to continue your cancellation procedure. This will take you to a cancellation page where you can request that the current plan be terminated.

Method 2

The second way to terminate Direct Energy is to contact customer care and request that they cancel your service. You must call the consumer assistance line and have your information available for the customer service agent. Then give that person your account number and other customer information. After entering your account information, you must request that your Direct Energy service and recurring payments be terminated. Once you have shared the relevant information and specific issue, you will receive a confirmation email at your provided email address.

To Conclude

Electricity is something that we all rely on to make our lives easier. Whether we use electricity for our houses or companies, power has become a necessity of contemporary life, so it’s critical to have all the data when deciding which energy supplier is best for your personal needs. Direct Energy primarily provides power and natural gas to its clients.  It additionally provides home protection plans in some areas, which could involve maintaining or repairing some of your high-priced home appliances.

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