Delhi Recorded Highest Pollution Related Deaths Per Year: Study

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A recent study has highlighted that Delhi recorded the highest pollution related deaths per year. This revelation underscores the urgent need for comprehensive measures to tackle air pollution across the nation.

Between 2008 and 2019, air pollution was responsible for approximately 33,000 deaths each year in ten major Indian cities, according to a study by Dalberg Advisors in partnership with the Clean Air Fund and the Confederation of Indian Industry. Delhi topped the list, suffering the most significant impact due to its dense population, heavy traffic, industrial activities, and frequent crop residue burning in neighbouring states. The study noted that fine particulate matter (PM2.5) and other pollutants contributed to 12000 deaths in New Delhi Itself annually. 

Delhi recorded highest pollution related deaths

The financial burden of air pollution is staggering, costing the Indian economy around ₹7 lakh crore annually. This cost represents 3% of the country’s GDP and includes lost labor productivity, increased healthcare expenses, and reduced consumer activity. Businesses particularly feel the strain, with significant revenue losses due to lower employee productivity and consumer footfall. The study highlighted that air pollution reduces cognitive and physical performance, which severely impacts sectors like IT and investment banking​ (The Wire Science).

Despite various measures, the air quality in Delhi and other major cities remains poor. The National Clean Air Programme (NCAP) aims to reduce PM2.5 levels, but experts argue that city-centric plans are insufficient. A regional approach addressing all pollution sources is necessary. Innovations in public transport and stringent enforcement of pollution control measures are crucial. Furthermore, behavioural change programs promoting public transport, walking, and cycling could significantly reduce emissions.

Overall, tackling this situation, where Delhi recorded the highest pollution-related deaths per year, requires a multifaceted approach involving stricter regulations, technological innovations, and public engagement. The health and economic stakes are too high to ignore, making immediate and sustained action imperative for the well-being of millions of residents.

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