Cyclone Tej to Intensify Into Cyclonic Storm

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Initially brewing in the Arabian Sea, Cyclone Tej is gearing up to transform into a formidable severe cyclonic storm. While this intensification is causing concern, Gujarat residents can sigh with relief as the cyclone is predicted to steer away from their shores.

According to a statement from the India Meteorological Department (IMD), Cyclone Tej is poised to amplify its strength and transition into a severe cyclonic storm by Sunday, moving in the direction of the south coast of Oman and adjacent Yemen. The weather department has indicated that Gujarat is unlikely to face the wrath of Cyclone Tej.

This cyclone’s journey was sparked by a low-pressure area initially spotted over the southeastern and southwestern regions of the Arabian Sea. As per forecasts, this disturbance was expected to evolve into a depression, ultimately progressing into a cyclonic storm by the morning of October 21. However, the recent developments suggest a more intense outcome.

Manorama Mohanty, director of the Meteorological Centre in Ahmedabad, shared insights into the impending weather patterns. She confirmed that Cyclone Tej is anticipated to reach the severity of a severe cyclonic storm by the evening of October 22. The projected trajectory indicates a course set toward the southern coastlines of Oman and Yemen.

The geographical orientation of the cyclone offers solace to the residents of Gujarat. Due to the cyclone’s west-northwest movement, it is unlikely to land in Gujarat, which lies to the east. Consequently, the state can expect a dry spell for seven days.


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While the news of a severe cyclonic storm may stir anxiety, it is essential to remember that accurate forecasts and early warnings are essential tools for minimizing risks associated with such weather phenomena. Timely information enables governments and residents to make necessary preparations and evacuate vulnerable areas.

However, it is imperative to stay updated with the latest weather advisories and adhere to the instructions issued by local authorities. Given the potential for rapid changes in cyclone tracks and intensities, vigilance is crucial to safeguard lives and property.

It is also essential to remain mindful of Cyclone Tej’s potential impacts on the regions it approaches. Severe cyclonic storms can bring torrential rainfall, strong winds, and storm surges, leading to flooding, damage to infrastructure, and disruptions to daily life. Adequate preparedness, early warnings, and adherence to safety protocols can significantly mitigate the impact of such natural events.

While Gujarat is expected to be spared from Cyclone Tej’s effects, it is essential to watch its progression, especially if you are in or near the areas along its projected path. It’s a reminder of the power and unpredictability of nature, calling for our collective efforts to adapt and protect ourselves in the face of these formidable forces.

As we await further developments on Cyclone Tej’s journey, let us continue to be mindful of the importance of preparedness, resilience, and community support in facing the challenges of severe weather events. The safety and well-being of our communities depend on our ability to respond effectively and unite in times of need.

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