Colorado River Basin Losses 10 Trillion Gallons Due To Rising Temps

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A groundbreaking study published in the American Geophysical Union’s Water Resources Research reveals that the Colorado River Basin losses 10 trillion gallons, equivalent to 40 trillion liters, of water between 2000 and 2021 due to rising temperatures. This profound loss mirrors the entire capacity of Lake Mead, the largest reservoir along the Colorado River. The study sheds light on the terrible impact of climate change on this crucial water source that sustains millions.

The Colorado River Basin spans seven Western states across approximately 647,500 square kilometers and serves as a lifeline for nearly 40 million people, supplying drinking water and irrigation. However, escalating temperatures have triggered an alarming water loss. Without the influence of climate change, the basin’s 2021 drought would not have caused such a drastic drop in reservoir levels, leading to the “first-ever federally declared water shortage.”

Surprising Revelations

Colorado River Basin losses 10 trillion gallons

Lead researcher Benjamin Bass expressed astonishment at the study’s findings. Although the influence of warming on the basin was acknowledged, the extent of its impact revealed in the research was unexpected. Bass emphasized, “The recent megadrought’s depletion of water from the basin equivalent to Lake Mead’s size is a wake-up call to the current climate change effects.

The regional drought around 2000 represents the driest period in 1,200 years, causing diminished river flow and shrinking reservoirs. Through meticulous analysis, the study examined alterations in the basin’s hydrology from 1880 to 2021, utilizing a sophisticated land surface model. This model evaluated water dynamics, vegetation transformations, and the influence of rising atmospheric carbon dioxide.

Climate Change’s Stubborn Toll

Over the past 141 years, the Basin’s temperature has risen by approximately 1.5 degrees Celsius due to human-induced climate change. This warming trend has resulted in a substantial 10.3% reduction in runoff. However, when accounting for plant effects, the water loss under present conditions would escalate to nearly 13%, underscoring the significance of factoring vegetation processes in water modeling.

The study highlighted an alarming trend: regions typically blanketed with snow during winter are experiencing water loss twice as fast as areas without snow cover. This finding emphasizes the urgent need to address the complex interactions between rising temperatures, snowfall patterns, and water availability in these critical areas.

In conclusion, the study’s revelations regarding the  Colorado River Basin losses 10 trillion gallons of water between 2000 and 2021 due to escalating temperatures underscore the alarming influence of climate change on this vital water source. As millions of people rely on the basin for drinking and irrigation, the wake-up call couldn’t be clearer. The study’s findings reinforce the imperative to address climate change swiftly and its cascading effects to safeguard the future of the Colorado River Basin and the communities it sustains.

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