Cloudburst In Himachal’s Solan: 7 Dead & 3 Missing

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A tragic incident unfolded in Jadon village, nestled within Himachal’s Solan district, when a sudden and intense cloudburst in Himachal’s Solan wreaked havoc, leading to the unfortunate loss of lives and widespread damage. This calamity within the Kandaghat sub-division took seven lives and left three individuals missing.

The powerful cloudburst left a trail of destruction as it washed away two houses and a cowshed. While seven lives were tragically claimed, five others managed to be rescued in the aftermath. The SDM expressed deep sorrow, mentioning, “Seven people died, three were missing, and five were rescued after an incident of cloudburst was reported at Jadon village of Kandaghat subdivision in Solan.

Rains Trigger Widespread Chaos

The relentless heavy rains, which lasted over 24 hours, triggered landslides across Himachal Pradesh. This led to the closure of roads and significant damage. Notably, the Shimla-Chandigarh road was forced to shut down for buses and trucks due to adverse weather conditions.

Adding to the misery, a temple was struck by landslides, sparking concerns about the safety of nearby structures. Superintendent of Police in Shimla, Sanjeev Kumar Gandhi, expressed the gravity of the situation as several people found themselves stranded in the aftermath.

Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu acted promptly in response to the relentless rainfall. He announced the closure of all schools and colleges. Expressing heartfelt condolences, the Himachal CMO lamented the tragic cloud burst incident in Village Jadon, extending sympathies to the grieving families.

The constant downpour led to the closure of 621 roads for vehicular traffic across the state. Mandi faced the highest impact, with 236 closed roads, followed by Shimla with 59 and Bilaspur with 40. The vital Shimla-Kalka National Highway, connecting Shimla and Chandigarh, bore the brunt of recurring landslides, causing significant transportation disruptions.

Agriculture and Homes Ravaged

Cloudburst in Himachal's Solan

Agricultural lands and homes in various villages faced damage due to ongoing landslides. The areas of Ghomu and Jawali in the Sarkaghat region of Mandi district were particularly affected. Hamirpur district bore the impact of heavy rains and landslides, causing damage to infrastructure, houses, and agricultural lands.

Residents near the downstream area of Pong were advised against approaching the river due to rising water levels. The Bhakra Beas Management Board announced the release of water from the Pong Dam to manage the situation. Landslides also hit Shimla’s state capital, causing disruptions to vehicles and essential supplies.

Since the monsoon’s onset on June 24, Himachal Pradesh has suffered losses worth ₹7,020 crore ($945 million), and 257 reported deaths due to rain-related incidents and road accidents.

The weather forecast predicts the continuation of heavy rainfall, thunderstorms, and lightning in isolated areas. The wet spell is expected to persist until August 19, prolonging the affected regions’ challenges.

Amid this tragic cloudburst in Himachal’s Solan, the people’s resilient spirit and the authorities’ efforts remain steadfast in rebuilding what has been lost.

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