Brazil Allocates $65 Million From Amazon Fund For Rainforest Policing

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In a significant move, Brazil’s National Development Bank (BNDES) has approved the allocation of 318 million reais ($65 million) from the $1.3 billion Amazon Fund to launch a law enforcement initiative aimed at combatting deforestation and environmental crimes in the Amazon, according to a senior official cited by Reuters. Read more about Brazil Allocates $65 Million from the Amazon Fund for Rainforest Policing in this article.

The Amazon Fund, a collaborative effort supported by four nations and managed by BNDES, has taken a crucial step to address the persistent challenges posed by illegal activities in the rainforest. The project, endorsed by the justice ministry and overseen by Brazil’s Federal Police, targets activities such as logging and mining, which continue to threaten the rainforest despite the government’s ongoing efforts to curb deforestation.

Brazil Allocates $65 Million from Amazon Fund for Rainforest Policing

Humberto Freire, the Federal Police’s director for the Amazon and environmental crime, stressed the need for unified action. “Without us all having the same purpose, integrated, sharing information and intelligence and acting together to strengthen the fight against environmental crimes, we will not move forward,” Reuters reported him as saying.

Freire, who will attend the UN Climate Change Conference COP28 in Dubai, highlighted the importance of translating rhetoric into concrete actions in the Amazon, underscoring the necessity for adequate funding.

The initial allocation from the Amazon Fund will be utilized to purchase helicopters and essential equipment. Concurrently, an International Police Cooperation Centre is set to be established in Manaus by early next year, facilitating collaboration with authorities in neighbouring countries, Freire revealed.

The law enforcement project, budgeted at 2 billion reais over the next few years, will receive its first disbursement from the Amazon Fund in the coming days. Established in 2008 with contributions from Norway ($1.2 billion), Germany ($89 million), Petrobras ($7.7 million), Switzerland ($5.6 million), and the United States ($3 million), the Amazon Fund aims to promote rainforest preservation.

Despite a notable reduction in deforestation this year, President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva is committed to addressing persistent environmental challenges, pledging to achieve a zero-deforestation target by 2030. The proactive stance signifies Brazil’s dedication to safeguarding the invaluable Amazon rainforest for future generations, which can be seen as Brazil Allocates $65 Million from the Amazon Fund for Rainforest Policing.

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