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Solar panels are incredible pieces of technology that can save you money (and even earn you some) with little effort after the installation. However, one issue persists: Solar panels can be extensive and detract from the beauty of your home. Solar shingles are another alternative: small solar panels that incorporate into your roof, creating a more discrete solar system. As recognised by CNET, the best solar shingles in Florida for 2024 are the Timberline Solar shingles from GAF Energy.

Timberline Solar shingles stand out because they offer the same electricity-generating capability as traditional rooftop solar panels but are designed to be more aesthetically pleasing. This blend of functionality and design has earned Timberline Solar the accolade of being the best solar shingles option for homeowners in Florida as of January 2024​

What is a Solar Shingle?

Solar shingles are more specialized for placing solar panels on your roof. These small solar panels look like standard shingles and roofing materials. Solar panels can now be put on your roof rather than mounted on top. Some solar shingles can be put over an existing roof, whilst others may necessitate a complete roof replacement.

Solar shingles, like traditional rooftop solar panels, capture sunlight and convert it into electricity to power your home. They often have lower efficiency and performance ratings than solar panels.

Best Solar Shingles Florida 2024

Best Solar Shingles Florida 2024

1. Timberline Solar by GAF Energy

Timberline Solar by GAF Energy earns the top rank for solar shingles in Florida due to its outstanding warranties and efficiency ratings. GAF Energy provides three limited warranties for its solar roof: a 25-year product warranty against leaks and manufacturer defects, a 15-year wind warranty, and a 25-year power output warranty.

2. Tesla Solar Roof

Tesla has a long record of producing average but well-rounded solar goods. Tesla provides three limited warranties for the Tesla Solar Roof. You’ll receive a product guarantee that protects your roof against manufacturer defects for 25 years, a weatherization warranty that covers wind and rain damage for 10 years, and a power output warranty. The power output warranty assures that your solar roof’s performance will not fall below 95% for the first five years and will not drop more than 0.5% each year for the remaining 20 years.

3. CertainTeed Solar

CertainTeed may not be as well-known as Tesla or GAF, but it remains a viable solar roof alternative for your home solar shingles in Florida. You will receive three limited warranties: a 25-year product warranty that protects against manufacturer faults, a 25-year power output guarantee, and a significantly shorter 10-year wind warranty. The firm guarantees that your solar performance will stay below 98% after one year and will not drop by more than 0.55% every year for the next 24 years.

4. Luma Solar

Luma Solar scored far lower than our top three recommendations for the finest solar shingles in Florida. Still, it was essential to include Luma Solar in the rankings due to its outstanding wind rating. With a Luma Solar roof, you only get two warranties: five years for the device and 25 years for the electricity production. Luma’s power output warranty ensures that the performance of your solar roof will not be reduced by more than 80% after 25 years.

Comparison B/w The Best Solar Shingles in Florida

Solar Shingle Brand Product Warranty Wind Warranty Power Output Warranty
Timberline Solar by GAF Energy 25 years 15 years 25 years
Tesla Solar Roof 25 years 10 years Maintains above 95% for first 5 years, decreases by max 0.5% yearly for next 20 years
CertainTeed Solar 25 years 10 years Maintains below 98% after 1st year, decreases by max 0.55% yearly for next 24 years
Luma Solar 5 years Not specified Maintains above 80% after 25 years

In conclusion, Timberline Solar by GAF Energy is the best overall option for solar shingles in Florida, thanks to its high efficiency and guarantees. But the contest for first place is quite close. Even though they did not rank at the top, analysts considered Tesla Solar Roof and CertainTeed Solar excellent possibilities. Luma Solar received a lower score than the others, yet it felt its outrageously high wind rating was worth mentioning.

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