Best Selling Electric Car Of 2023-24

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The year 2023 was a significant one for the electric vehicle market. As more traditional automakers make the slow transition to fully electric vehicles, pickup trucks, and SUVs, more customers than ever before are choosing the plug over the pump. With the dust cleared on the year’s total sales, we can discover which electric initiatives are paying off the most, with a breakdown of the top bestselling models of electric car in 2023.

Best Selling Electric Car of 2023-24

Here are the top-selling models of 2023-24:

Best Selling Electric Car Of 2023-24

1. Tesla Model Y

Unsurprisingly, the fifth best-selling nameplate overall is also at the top of the EV statistics, as Tesla’s perennially successful Model Y reigns supreme in battery-electric sales, having sold 385,900 units. It’s astonishing, especially considering the estimated 226,700 sales in 2022 – a 70% increase year on year. A significant component of the Model Y’s long-term success is its near-bargain-basement starting price of $45,380, including destination (for now), which few automakers can match. And, like all of the prices in this breakdown, it excludes the popular $7,500 federal tax credit, for which the electric SUV qualifies.

2. Tesla Model 3

The Model 3 is just a little behind its crossover sibling, coming in second as the best electric car in 2023 with a solid 259,400 units sold. Like the Model Y, this is up year over year by 17%, a success that can be attributed to the Model 3’s extraordinarily appealing $40,380 base price. Those stuck with the most affordable Model 3s were likely satisfied with the car’s EPA-rated 272-mile range, a step above most EVs in this price category. However, only the Model 3’s Performance trim level is eligible for the federal tax credit.

3. Chevrolet Bolt EV

Despite its recent discontinuance, the more egalitarian Chevrolet Bolt EV hatchback and higher-riding Bolt EUV SUV combine sales forces to claim third place, with more than 62,000 Bolts sold in 2023. The Bolt EV has consistently been a top pick in the compact EV market, impressing buyers with its intelligent cabin layout, above-average build quality, not to mention its EPA-rated 259-mile range. The Bolt EV and Bolt EUV are still qualified for the federal tax credit. Though the popular EV is cancelled, GM intends to bring it back in 2025 on a revamped Ultium platform.

4. Ford Mustang Mach E

The Ford Mustang Mach-E, the Blue Oval’s first dedicated mass-market EV, is a class higher and one sales slot below the Bolt EUV. In 2023, about 40,800 Mustang Mach-Es were sold, a little increase from 39,458 in 2022. Though it appears that the Mustang Mach-E only debuted a year ago—the passage of time continues to spiral out of control—the 2024 model year marks its fourth, so eager purchasers may expect a mid-cycle refresh of the Zappy crossover to hit the market any month now. When it reaches dealers, expect a jump in sales.

5. Volkswagen ID.4

With approximately 37,800 cars sold, the quirky and stylish ID.4 ranks a solid fifth in the best electric car 2023 list. This is okay, but it falls far short of VW’s 90,000-unit target for 2023. This, combined with a rumoured $11 billion cost-cutting agenda, could indicate that VeeDub is facing trouble ahead and looking for some sunlight. Let’s hope the next-generation e-Golf gets through the development process.

6. Hyundai Ioniq 5

Though the cyberpunk future sci-fi prophesied has yet to materialise, the retrotastic Ioniq 5 has garnered enough attention — and customer affection — to claim the sixth position. We’re surprised the Ioniq 5 isn’t higher on the list, given Hyundai and sibling rival Kia’s continuous sales success. Give it time, though. We’re wading through the Ioniq 5’s production ramp-up, as seen by a 48% increase in vehicle sales compared to 2022.

In conclusion, the Tesla Model Y, the best-selling electric car of 2023, has dominated the market with its cutting-edge technology, outstanding range, and stylish style. The Model Y, known for its excellent performance and advanced autopilot functions, has become a consumer favourite, reflecting the growing desire for environmentally friendly and technologically advanced automobiles. Its popularity demonstrates Tesla’s leadership in the electric vehicle sector.

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