Ashfall In Mexico Leads To Flight Disruption

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On Tuesday, Mexico’s most hazardous active volcano emitted ash and smoke, producing substantial columns of grey emissions that posed a threat to nearby flights. Situated in central Mexico between the states of Morelos, Puebla, and the State of Mexico, the Popocatépetl volcano led to ashfall in Mexico City and its environs, approximately 45 miles (72 kilometres) southeast of the volcano, as reported by the National Civil Protection Coordination.

Ashfall In Mexico Leads To Flight Disruption

Following this, the Mexico City International Airport announced that 22 domestic and international flights were cancelled by airlines to conduct safety checks. This action was taken after the aircraft encountered ash from the Popocatepetl volcano while approaching the capital. The airport emphasized in a statement that it is currently open and operational. The airport’s specialized teams and management are closely monitoring the ash conditions, and, at present, the volcanic ash cloud is moving towards the Gulf of Mexico. (Source: Reuters)

The National Center for Disaster Prevention in Mexico reported 77 emissions from the volcano and declared a volcanic threat level two. This level mandates the implementation of preventive measures and maintaining a safe distance from the volcano.

Approximately 25 million people reside within a 60-mile (96-kilometer) radius of the volcano, but the civil protection body has stated that there is currently no “risk for the population.” The volcano had remained inactive for several decades until its eruption in 1994, and subsequent activity has kept residents in the vicinity on high alert. Since then, the volcano’s rumblings have become a routine aspect of daily life for those living in close proximity.

In 2019, Popocatépetl erupted 14 times in a single night. Then, in May of the following year, ashfall in Mexico led to the cancellation of hundreds of flights at the Mexico City airport. Authorities in various states suspended in-person classes and advised residents to prepare for potential evacuations, although volcanic activity eventually subsided. (Source: CNN)

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