Acute Water Shortage In Bangalore Threatens Daily Lives Of Residents

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Due to a shortfall in rainfall and a decline in water levels, Bengaluru is experiencing a severe water crisis this year, occurring just months before the onset of peak summer. As a result of this crisis, numerous residents are compelled to limit their water usage and pay nearly twice the standard price for water tankers to fulfill their daily requirements. With the coming summer gush, the water shortage in Bangalore is expected to become a huge concern for the residents.

Prices for a 12,000-liter tanker have surged to as high as 2,000 rupees (USD 24.11), compared to 1,200 rupees (USD 14.47) just a month earlier. Securing water tankers has become a challenging task, requiring foresight, and some residents are now booking two days in advance.

This situation has a significant impact on daily life, as highlighted by a resident of Horamavu in north Bengaluru. He expresses the distressing reality of having to plan showers on alternate days and the imminent threat to his plants due to water scarcity. The situation is dire, with concerns about the potential unavailability of tanker vendors despite payment due to the scarcity of groundwater.

Acute Water Shortage In Bangalore Ahead Of Summer Gush

The Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB), the entity responsible for water distribution in the city, primarily sources its water from the Cauvery River. Originating at Talakaveri in Karnataka, the river traverses through Tamil Nadu before draining into the Bay of Bengal.

To bolster its water reserves in the upcoming months, the BWSSB has made an appeal to authorities for additional water from the Cauvery basin, as indicated in a letter observed by Reuters. Despite requests for comments, the Karnataka government and BWSSB have not responded to Reuters.

While the city typically relies on groundwater and tanker deliveries to supplement BWSSB provisions during peak summer months, this year has seen early reports of water shortages in building complexes across various parts of the city.

As one of the prime cities of India, Bangalore faces criticism for overpopulation and poor infrastructure. With the water shortage in Bangalore, the city’s situation can deteriorate further in the coming peak summer months. To prevent a water crisis in the upcoming summer, the Bengaluru-Mysuru region, which demands approximately 3.5 tmcft of water monthly, must allocate the available reservoir storage exclusively for drinking purposes. This implies the withholding of water from farmers to safeguard the standing crops.

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