7.4 Magnitude Taiwan Earthquake Injures More Than 1000

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A strong 7.4 magnitude earthquake struck Taiwan on Wednesday, resulting in the deaths of at least nine individuals and leaving over 1,000 injured. The Taiwan earthquake caused extensive damage to numerous buildings and led to tsunami alerts being issued, reaching as far as Japan and the Philippines before being canceled. A significant number of people were reported to be safe but stranded in areas isolated by large landslides triggered by the earthquake. Many were believed to be trapped within tunnels that traverse the island’s mountainous terrain from north to south.

Taiwan Earthquake

Rescuers in Taiwan are currently striving to access over 600 individuals who are stranded, following the island’s most severe earthquake in 25 years. One survivor described experiencing tremors that triggered rockslides “like bullets” while working at a coal mine. Although helicopters have rescued some individuals stuck in tunnels and near a national park, 34 people remain unaccounted for. The official count of those trapped or stranded surged significantly on Thursday, rising from approximately 100 to 690, as phone signals began to return in the mountainous areas.

The seismic activity triggered a minimum of nine landslides, causing debris to cascade down hillsides onto Suhua Highway in Hualien, located along the east coast of Taiwan. More than 50 aftershocks have occurred since Wednesday morning, prompting many residents to seek refuge in tents outside their homes or in emergency shelters. Authorities confirmed that the earthquake, the most powerful in 25 years in Taiwan, prompted tsunami alerts on the island and in neighboring regions. Additionally, the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre reported a 6-magnitude earthquake off the east coast of Honshu, Japan, on Thursday.

Shortly after the earthquake, parents were observed once again accompanying their children to school, and workers resumed their commute to offices.

According to Stephen Gao, a seismologist and professor at Missouri University of Science and Technology, Taiwan’s earthquake preparedness measures are among the most advanced globally. He mentioned that the island has stringent building codes in place, a high-quality seismological network, and extensive public education initiatives on earthquake safety.

The government regularly updates the earthquake resistance standards for both new and existing buildings and provides subsidies to residents who wish to assess the earthquake resistance of their properties.

Following a 2016 earthquake in Taiwan, located on the island’s southwestern coast, which resulted in the collapse of a 17-storey apartment building and claimed numerous lives, five individuals involved in the building’s construction were found guilty of negligence and sentenced to prison.

Taiwan is also promoting earthquake drills in schools and workplaces, and public media and mobile phones frequently disseminate information about earthquake safety.

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