15 Best Sustainable Men’s Clothing Brands Of 2024

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In 2024, sustainable menswear has reached new heights, with a diverse range of brands leading a change towards a more eco-conscious and socially responsible fashion industry. These 15 trailblazing sustainable men’s clothing brands have garnered widespread recognition for their commitment to reducing environmental impact and promoting ethical practices. Emphasizing transparency, fair labour conditions, and eco-friendly materials, these brands have captured the essence of sustainability without compromising style and quality.

From organic cotton essentials to upcycled denim and innovative recycled fibres, their collections showcase the fusion of cutting-edge fashion with a deep-rooted sense of environmental responsibility. As the fashion landscape continues to evolve, these brands serve as inspiring examples, setting a new standard for the future of menswear—where sustainability, craftsmanship, and conscientiousness converge to create a more sustainable and stylish world.

Why Sustainable Men’s Clothing?

Why Sustainable Mens' Clothing?

Sustainable men’s clothing has emerged as a crucial solution in the fashion industry to combat environmental and social challenges. Consumers opt for moral and environmentally friendly alternatives as awareness of climate change and ecological issues rises.

  • The fashion industry has long faced criticism for its harmful practices, including excessive resource consumption, toxic chemical usage, and exploitative labour conditions. Sustainable men’s clothing addresses these concerns using eco-conscious materials like organic cotton, hemp, and recycled fibres. These materials are grown and processed with reduced environmental impact, lower water usage, and minimal chemical treatments.
  • Sustainable menswear brands prioritize ethical labour practices, ensuring fair wages, safe working conditions, and worker empowerment. It fosters a more equitable and socially responsible supply chain, supporting the well-being of workers and their communities.
  • By opting for sustainable men’s clothing, individuals contribute to the circular fashion movement, promoting durable clothing and discouraging fast fashion’s throwaway culture. Durable construction and timeless designs ensure that these garments stand the test of time, reducing the need for frequent replacements and ultimately minimizing textile waste.

15 Best Sustainable Men’s Clothing Brands of 2023

1. Patagonia

15 Best Sustainable Men’s Clothing Brands of 2023


Patagonia, a renowned brand in sustainable men’s clothing, has become a symbol of environmental stewardship and ethical practices in the fashion industry. With a deep commitment to sustainability, Patagonia strives to minimize its ecological footprint by using organic and recycled materials in its menswear collections. Their durable and versatile garments are designed for longevity, encouraging consumers to invest in high-quality pieces that reduce waste and consumption.

As a brand, Patagonia places utmost importance on transparency and fair labour practices, ensuring workers are treated ethically throughout their supply chain. Their dedication to environmental causes extends beyond their products, as they actively support grassroots ecological initiatives and advocate for conservation.

2. Tentree

15 Best Sustainable Men’s Clothing Brands of 2023


Tentree is a prominent sustainable men’s clothing brand that has gained widespread recognition for its commitment to environmental conservation. True to its name, Tentree plants ten trees for every item purchased, making it a brand deeply rooted in sustainability. With a mission to promote eco-consciousness, Tentree uses organic and recycled materials to craft its stylish menswear collections.

This eco-friendly brand goes above and beyond with its efforts to reduce its environmental impact, utilizing innovative fabrics and implementing sustainable production practices. Consumers actively participate in reforestation efforts by choosing Tentree’s sustainable men’s clothing and contributing to mitigating climate change. Their dedication to sustainability makes them a leading force in the sustainable fashion movement, inspiring a greener and more responsible approach to men’s clothing.

3. Pact

15 Best Sustainable Men’s Clothing Brands of 2023


Pact is a well-regarded brand committed to offering sustainable men’s clothing options. Committed to a better world, Pact prioritizes organic and Fair Trade Certified™ cotton, ensuring their men’s apparel is environmentally friendly and ethically produced. By adhering to rigorous sustainability standards, Pact guarantees its products are free from harmful chemicals and toxins.

Pact’s sustainable men’s clothing is designed with style and comfort in mind, offering a diverse range of wardrobe essentials that align with eco-conscious values. Whether organic cotton tees or responsibly made loungewear, Pact’s collections cater to fashion-forward individuals who care about the planet and the people behind their clothing. As consumers increasingly seek ethical and eco-friendly choices, Pact stands out as a trusted brand that delivers on both style and sustainability.

4. MATE the Label

mate the label


MATE the Label is a prominent brand that offers sustainable men’s clothing, focussing on minimalist and timeless designs. Committed to eco-friendly practices, MATE the Label uses organic and recycled materials to create stylish menswear collections. Their dedication to sustainability extends beyond materials, prioritizing ethical manufacturing and ensuring fair labour practices and worker well-being.

With a mission to reduce environmental impact, MATE the Label encourages consumers to make conscious fashion choices without compromising style and quality. Their sustainable men’s clothing ranges from versatile basics to trendy pieces, catering to modern men who value fashion and ethical responsibility.

5. For Days

sustainable men's clothing


For Days is a prominent brand that offers sustainable men’s clothing with a unique and innovative approach. As a pioneer of closed-loop recycling, For Days promotes a circular fashion system by encouraging customers to send back their old clothing for recycling in exchange for store credit. This innovative program helps reduce textile waste and extend the lifespan of its products.

For Days utilizes organic and recycled materials in its menswear collections. Their versatile and stylish designs cater to individuals seeking fashion that aligns with their ethical values. For Days’ sustainable men’s clothing supports a greener planet and fosters community among like-minded consumers.

6. Everlane

sustainable men's clothing


Everlane is a prevalent brand known for its commitment to sustainable men’s clothing. With a focus on radical transparency, Everlane provides customers with in-depth information about their supply chain, production processes, and pricing, empowering consumers to make informed choices.

Everlane’s sustainable men’s clothing collections feature high-quality materials, including organic cotton and recycled fibres, ensuring minimal environmental impact. Everlane encourages a more mindful and minimalist approach to men’s fashion by offering classic and versatile designs. Ethical manufacturing is a cornerstone of Everlane’s values, ensuring fair wages and safe working conditions for their workers. This commitment to social responsibility sets them apart as a responsible and caring brand.

7. Naked & Famous

sustainable men's clothing


Naked & Famous is a renowned brand that offers sustainable men’s clothing with a unique focus on denim. Dedicated to eco-consciousness, Naked & Famous incorporates organic and recycled materials in their denim production to reduce their ecological footprint.

Known for their high-quality and long-lasting denim, Naked & Famous promotes a “no wash” policy, encouraging consumers to wear their jeans longer before washing, thus conserving water resources and prolonging the lifespan of their products. Naked & Famous prioritizes ethical manufacturing, ensuring fair labour practices and safe working conditions for garment workers.

8. Cotopaxi



Cotopaxi is a well-regarded brand that offers sustainable men’s clothing focused on adventure and outdoor wear. Embracing a unique approach to sustainability, Cotopaxi incorporates recycled and repurposed materials into its products, reducing waste and minimizing their environmental impact. It is a trailblazer in sustainable men’s clothing, inspiring adventure seekers to explore the world while making a beneficial difference for the environment and communities.

With a mission to promote positive social change, Cotopaxi implements ethical manufacturing practices, ensuring fair wages and safe working conditions for its employees. Additionally, they invest in various humanitarian and environmental initiatives through their “Grant for Good” program.

9. Outlier



Outlier is a renowned brand known for its sustainable men’s clothing, which seamlessly combines style, performance, and eco-consciousness. With an emphasis on technical and functional designs, Outlier crafts garments using high-quality, sustainable materials like organic cotton and recycled fibres.

Their commitment to sustainability is evident in their durable and long-lasting clothing, encouraging a minimalist and “buy less, buy better” approach to fashion. By creating timeless pieces that withstand the test of time, Outlier aims to reduce fashion waste and promote responsible consumption. Outlier prioritizes ethical manufacturing, ensuring fair labour practices and transparent supply chains.

10. Thought Clothing

10. Thought Clothing


Thought Clothing, a renowned sustainable clothing brand, has earned recognition for its commitment to providing eco-friendly men’s apparel. With a focus on natural and sustainable materials like organic cotton, bamboo, and hemp, Thought Clothing creates comfortable and stylish men’s clothing while minimizing its environmental impact.

Their sustainable men’s clothing collections feature timeless and contemporary designs, appealing to individuals who value fashion and sustainability. From smart casual wear to laid-back loungewear, Thought Clothing offers a diverse range of conscious fashion choices. Thought Clothing’s dedication to ethical practices extends to fair labour conditions and transparent supply chains, guaranteeing the quality of its goods.

11. United By Blue

United By Blue


United By Blue is a prominent brand known for its commitment to sustainable men’s clothing and environmental conservation. United By Blue goes beyond fashion to have a positive environmental impact. The company’s distinctive mission is to remove one pound of trash from the oceans and waterways for every product sold.

Their sustainable men’s clothing collections feature eco-friendly materials like organic cotton, recycled polyester, and responsible wool, showcasing a blend of style and sustainability. From outdoor gear to everyday essentials, United By Blue offers a wide range of conscious choices for men’s sustainable clothing. United By Blue ensures ethical manufacturing practices and transparent sourcing, prioritizing fair labour conditions and environmentally friendly production.

12. Asket

12. Asket


Asket is a notable brand that has earned praise for its sustainable men’s clothing offerings. With a focus on timeless and minimalist designs, Asket promotes a responsible and conscious approach to fashion. Their sustainable men’s clothing collections feature high-quality materials like organic cotton and responsibly sourced wool, ensuring reduced environmental impact.

Asket’s commitment to sustainability extends to its “Made to Last” philosophy, encouraging consumers to invest in durable pieces that stand the test of time. By rejecting the fast fashion model, Asket promotes a more sustainable and mindful consumption pattern. Transparency is a core value for Asket, as they provide detailed information about their supply chain and pricing. Their commitment to ethical practices ensures fair labour conditions and responsible manufacturing.

13. Albion Fit

Albion Fit


Albion Fit, known for its sustainable women’s activewear, has ventured into sustainable men’s clothing. With a focus on eco-friendly materials and ethical practices, Albion Fit’s men’s apparel embodies style and sustainability. Albion Fit’s designs for men feature a blend of functionality and fashion, catering to individuals who prioritize comfort and eco-consciousness in their clothing choices.

Their sustainable men’s clothing line includes activewear and athleisure pieces crafted from organic and recycled fabrics, ensuring a reduced environmental impact. Albion Fit’s commitment to sustainability extends to responsible manufacturing processes and fair labour conditions. By offering sustainable men’s clothing, Albion Fit expands its commitment to providing environmentally friendly options for consumers.

14. Outerknown



Outerknown, founded by surf legend Kelly Slater, is a leading sustainable men’s clothing brand. It has earned widespread acclaim for its eco-friendly and socially responsible practices. With a mission to protect the planet, Outerknown emphasizes organic and recycled materials in its men’s apparel.

Their sustainable menswear collections encompass a range of stylish and versatile designs, catering to the fashion-forward and environmentally-conscious consumer. Outerknown offers various sustainable options, from laid-back beachwear to classic everyday essentials. Outerknown prioritizes transparency throughout its supply chain, ensuring fair labour practices and contributing to the betterment of the communities it operates in.

15. Bleed

Bleed sustainable men's clothing


Bleed is a prominent sustainable clothing brand that has successfully established itself as a frontrunner in providing eco-conscious men’s apparel. With a deep-rooted commitment to sustainability, Bleed utilizes organic and recycled materials to create stylish and functional men’s clothing. Emphasizing transparency, Bleed ensures ethical manufacturing practices and transparent supply chains, promoting fair labour conditions and responsible production.

Their sustainable menswear collections encompass various wardrobe essentials, from activewear to everyday wear, all designed with the planet and people in mind. Bleed’s dedication to environmental preservation extends to its packaging, which uses recycled and biodegradable materials, further minimizing its ecological impact.


The landscape of sustainable clothing for men in 2024 showcases a remarkable commitment to environmental preservation and ethical practices. These 15 pioneering brands have demonstrated the fusion of style and sustainability, offering eco-conscious consumers various options for making responsible fashion choices. They inspire a more conscious approach to menswear, proving that sustainable fashion is a transformative movement towards a greener and more socially accountable future through collective efforts.

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