100W Harbor Freight Solar Panel Review 2024

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Harnessing the sun’s power, the 100W Harbor Freight solar panel is a high-efficiency panel that provides a compact and dependable alternative for generating renewable electricity. In this article, we will review the 100W Harbor Freight solar panel for you. Let’s begin!

100W Harbor Freight Solar Panel Review

Here is a list of factors to consider before purchasing Harbor Freight’s panels:


The product costs around $200 and is already accessible on their website. This price does not include two important components: a 12 V battery and an inverter. A power inverter is required to convert the direct current (DC) electricity generated by the solar panel into an alternating current (AC), which is suitable for household appliances. This can be used with a spare automobile battery. Otherwise, a new battery would set you back approximately $100. A 300 W power inverter large enough for the job costs roughly $30.

The System

This installation has four 25-watt solar panels. The Harbor Freight solar panel are made of amorphous silicon solar cells, which function well in both cloudy and direct sunshine. These panels come with various accessories, including a pedestal to support the panels and all of the required cabling. A primary solar charge controller allows you to monitor the amount of power you produce rapidly. The panels also have two LED lights, which are handy for operating the system on the road. There are even USB outlets to charge your phones. The Harbor Freight solar panels are 40″ long and 14″ wide, so they measure 40″ long by 56″ wide when set up. Every panel weighs 33 pounds, bringing the total weight to 132 pounds.


It is crucial to understand that a low-cost solar system, such as these 100 W Harbour Freight panels, would never provide enough electricity to power your home. 12V power is sufficient to power lights, mainly LED lights. Harbor Freight solar panels perform poorly on power-hungry equipment such as home heating and air conditioning systems. This isn’t a disadvantage of this specific system; it’s simply a point to assist you in understanding what a tiny off-grid solar panel system can and cannot do. Just keep in mind that this 100 W system will charge around one 12V battery each day.

Pros and Cons

Let’s examine the details of this Harbor Freight solar panel review and see what people liked and disliked about it.


  • Price: A $330 solar system is a significant investment. However, at this price, you must understand that it is an entry-level system; if it works well, terrific.
  • Easy to Set Up: Even on the first install, the system setup proved simple and intuitive. Everything was plugged in as expected, and connecting all the panels and functioning the system was easy.
  • Portable: The entire system fits into a manageable size and takes only a few minutes to set up.

harbor freight solar panel


  • A Bit Flimsy: The panels are flimsy and may need strengthening for permanent use.
  • Amorphous Panels: The Harbor Freight solar panels are made of thin films. These panels are lighter but less efficient than those used in a conventional household solar system. Because they are lightweight and ideal for travelling, you should pick heavier, more efficient panels if you want a more permanent home solar solution.
  • Separate Inverter and Battery: The battery and inverter are not included in the box, as purchasers may already have them. However, we like to get a device that works right out of the box without additional peripherals. It’s a minor concern, but having the entire bundle in one buy would be ideal.
  • Charge Controller: The charge controller’s primary function is to tell you how much charge enters the battery. This was simple to perform. However, some of the other capabilities were confusing.

In conclusion, the 100-watt Harbor Freight solar panel are a fantastic starting point for off-grid solar electricity. The panels fulfil the job for which they were created. They are quick and straightforward to put up and use and are strong enough for the job.

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