10 Strategies Businesses Can Adopt To Fight Climate Change

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The increasing impacts of climate change will affect everything in the modern world, from agriculture to businesses. Due to climate change, several companies and businesses will likely be affected differently. According to the United Nations International Labour Organization, around 80 million jobs would be at risk due to global warming and increasing environmental disasters. Thus, businesses must fight climate change as they are also responsible for greenhouse gas emissions. However, many do not know how to fight it. Here are ten strategies businesses can adopt to fight climate change:

10 Strategies Businesses Can Adopt To Fight Climate Change

Reduce Energy Consumption

Energy consumption is responsible for nearly one-third of carbon dioxide emissions in the United States, according to Science Daily. Paying attention to energy reduction can help businesses in terms of cost-saving, sustainability, and fighting climate change.

10 Strategies Businesses Can Adopt To Fight Climate Change


Business owners can simply start by changing their energy systems to LED lighting, installing efficient products and cooling systems, etc. According to the EPA, businesses can save more than 1.5 billion pounds of GHG emissions if every office product in the US is Energy Star-certified.

Sustainable Suppliers

While trying to reduce emissions internally, it is also important to reduce them externally. Making sustainable purchasing decisions and choosing sustainable suppliers can help businesses fight climate change.

By doing so, businesses can contribute to environmental protection and save money by using products that generate less waste, use less energy, and last longer.

Measuring Greenhouse Gas Emissions

To help the environment and reduce GHG emissions, it is vital to measure and analyze your business’s GHG emissions. Several private companies are carbon footprint certified- they can help businesses measure their emissions.

When you know the amount of emissions your business emits, you can then analyze it and reduce it where required.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is one of the best solutions for companies that want to reduce emissions and fight climate change. Several renewable energy suppliers around the globe can provide solutions.

Avoiding fossil fuels can help reduce a business’s climate footprint.

Reduce Waste

Human-generated waste is one of the major contributors to pollution and, in turn, climate change. Reducing waste is another way to reduce the climate footprint of a business. All businesses generate waste, whether it is paper waste or industrial waste.

Avoiding disposable spoons, cups, and plates in the canteen and using reusable kitchen crockery instead reduces the climate footprint. Other ways to reduce waste include recycling paper, reusing paper as drafts, reducing the number of prints, repairing gadgets, reusing equipment, etc.

Employee Transportation

Transportation is another contributor to GHG emissions. Business owners can encourage employees to use public transport or carpool with colleagues living close by one another. The company can also give discounts on public transportation to employees.

10 Strategies Businesses Can Adopt To Fight Climate Change


Business owners can themselves travel by public transport to motivate employees to do the same. Thus, companies can reduce their emissions and help fight climate change.

Green Infrastructure and Equipment

Green infrastructures are on the rise currently as climate change increases. Today, there are several green infrastructures and equipment available for businesses and homes.

Companies can set up a hybrid or electric vehicles to renovate their employee’s vehicles according to recent environmental guidelines. Companies should fix equipment whenever possible, and efficient and sustainable infrastructures can be purchased if they cannot be fixed.

Raising Awareness in the Company

Raising awareness among clients, employees, and other stakeholders is an easy and simple way to fight climate change. Not many people know about the cost of their actions on the environment.

Conducting in-house contests, events, campaigns, and more to raise awareness of climate change and sustainability can significantly help. Small gestures like these can help influence people in the right direction. Partnering with other organizations and NGOs is also a great idea.

Encouraging Sustainable Ways of Working

How people choose to work can also have environmental impacts. Some ways are much more efficient and eco-friendly than others. For example, telecommuting has several environmental benefits. Consider video calls and conferences instead of traveling by car or plane to meet clients.

Fight For Change

Businesses and companies also play a political role. Companies should fight for change in their locality, region, and maybe even on the national level. They can significantly influence policies by pushing decision-makers and leaders to act on climate change.

If businesses continue fighting for change, it can lead to new ecological regulations protecting the environment and reducing emissions.



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